What a relief to get the 2023 harvest finally finished

Oct 8, 2023

This year has been so different from last year. In 2022 we were so hot that it was a major undertaking simply to make it through every day without a major fire. In the total reverse, this year it’s been challenging just trying to get the corn in to the barn dry enough because of all the rain. It rained on St Swithun’s Day, the 15th July. If this happens then an old wives’ tale predicts it will rain for 40 days straight and that was pretty much what happened.

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Ultra processed foods

Oct 4, 2023

If you didn’t watch the Channel 4 programme called Good Harvest, then I’m sure you will have read about it in the papers, or people might have mentioned it in conversation. It was a programme that was televised in July.

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Another change on alcohol duty

Oct 1, 2023

Nearly everyone, I talk to do not realise that there has been another change on alcohol duty which the government put in place in August, this time, it’s on the volume of the alcoholABV. Everyone in the drink industry have found this new was of calculating Alcohol duty a complete muddle. It has roughly added a 50p increase to a bottle of still wine, spirits, and strong bottled beer. When I was speaking with a customer they mentioned that some alcohol products have come down, which they have if they are under 3.5%ABV. It has been a complete nightmare for all brewers and some for example like Carlsberg have lowered the ABV in their Pilsner lager from 3.8 to 3.4% to lower the duty and reduce the costs.

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Aug 30, 2023

What a joyful sight it is, seeing our farmers producing food. Exactly what they should be doing, rather than being paid to grow pretty flowers! Yes, we need to get the right balance in how we care for our environment, but most importantly, we need to grow food to live and feed our families.

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Another Wimbledon season is over

Jul 20, 2023

It’s always a joyous time watching all the celebrities and Royals enjoy the tennis in their finery (and hopefully under some British sunshine).

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