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Brunsell Farm is a 7th generation family farm, nestled in the heart of the beautiful Blackmore Vale.

Turkeys have always formed part of the family business, Alban and Helen have had the benefit of previous generations experiences to consistently produce an excellent Christmas Turkey unrivalled in taste available right on your doorstep.

Attention to detail is vital and at every step, the family is there, hands on to make sure the birds enjoy the perfect conditions that produce the perfect turkey.

Our turkeys arrive to the farm as day old chicks from Kelly's Hatcheries in Essex, from the moment they hatch they are nurtured and cared for to the highest ethical and welfare standards which is vital to produce the quality we pride ourselves in.

We produce traditional farm fresh turkeys. They are dry hand plucked birds and while this is very time consuming, it enables us to "hang" them to allow the flavour to develop. This is one of the major factors that sets them apart from mass produced birds. We offer both White and Bronze turkeys which are available in all sizes to suit your requirement to make a perfect Christmas dinner.

Childhood memories inspired the branding of feather Bed Turkeys. As a child I would occasionally stay with my grandma in her big comfy spare feather Bed. It was that memory that came to mind when we were trying to best describe how we make our turkeys feel.

We give our birds the ultimate in comfort providing them with ample space on deep straw bedding creating 5 star accommodation unrivalled within the industry and the combination of this pampered lifestyle and dry plucked, aged hung finishing, results in the highest quality full flavoured Artisan Christmas Dinner.

To achieve the outstanding Christmas dinner, exacting standards have to be met every step of the way. We are very proud of what we do here at Brunsell Farm and experience shows a happy turkey is a tasty turkey!

On arrival, the day old chicks are kept in small groups and are provided with warmth, feed and water. As they grow and "feather up" the groups are merged and eventually run as three separate flocks, small medium and large. This long term division enables feeders and drinkers to be set at the optimum height to match the group.

It is our considered opinion that it is in the best interest of the turkey to protect them from the elements, predators and exposure to wildlife disease. For these reasons all our birds are housed in a spacious well ventilated building. They have ample space to exhibit natural behaviour and given deep straw bedding regularly for their comfort and amusement.

The birds are hand fed twice a day their entire life. This ensures that any issues can be spotted and rectified immediately. Their diet consists of wholesome natural ingredients professionally formulated by a local mill. No growth promoters or routine antibiotics are fed. They are simply fed well and allowed to reach maturity at a natural pace.

Stress at slaughter can have a catastrophic impact. We are proud to say that no transport is required when the inevitable time comes, we can't emphasise enough what a significant difference this makes. All processing take place on site, a benefit of being a small family run business.

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